Comprehensive Conceptual Curriculum for Physics

A comprehensive, research-based physics curriculum that utilizes a learning cycle approach appropriate for all high school students.


Workshop Application

Comprehensive Conceptual Curriculum for Physics (C3P) offers an integrated approach to physics content, instructional materials, and pedagogy. C3P is a research-based curriculum developed at the Department of Physics at the University of Dallas. The project is available on a single CD-ROM that includes both the curriculum and resource materials. Other physics projects such as Conceptual Physics, PRISMS, CASTLE, Operation Physics, Tools for Scientific Thinking, Physics: Cinema Classics, and The Mechanical Universe High School Adaptation have been utilized in the development of this curriculum. Although C3P was designed for students in grades 9 through 12, it contains an assortment of resources, making it flexible enough to accommodate a variety of teachers and students.



The Comprehensive Conceptual Curriculum for Physics (C3P) Project was developed by funding from the National Science Foundation (Grant No. ESI-9254590).

Principal Investigator:  Richard P. Olenick, Department of Physics, University of Dallas, 1845 E. Northgate Dr., Irving, TX  75062,

Project Office: 972-721-5072, 1-800-526-8472


The curriculum is embedded in the C3P CD-ROM and is organized around the seven topics shown below. The topics are intended to be addressed sequentially. The course content is organized by topics, subtopics, elements, and specific learner outcomes.

Topics (with Subtopics)  Click on titles to explore more.

   HABITS OF MIND  Click to view Starter Pak Activities

(Experiences, Observations, and Order; Inquiry; Logic; Gathering and Analyzing Data)


(The Nature of Matter; Wave Particle Duality; The Fundamentals of Matter; Models of the Atom; Fusion and Fission of Atoms; The Universe from the Nuclear to the Galactic; Measurements of Matter; Space; Time)


(Idea of Change in Time; Frames of Reference, Position, and Position vs. Time Graphs; Total Distance Traveled and Displacement; Velocities and Velocity-Time Graphs; Acceleration; Approaching the Speed of Light)


(Classification of Forces; Force and Momentum; Resistance to Change in Velocity; Interactions; Gravitation; Forces Causing Two-Dimensional Motion; Threads to the Future)

ENERGY  Click to view Starter Pak Activities

(Energy; Thermodynamics; Redistribution of Energy in Systems)


(Electrostatics; Potential Difference, Current, and Resistance (Ohm’s Law); Magnetism; Solid State Electronics)


(General Wave Properties; Periodic Waves; Modeling Phenomena as Waves; Wave Behaviors; Simple Harmonic Motion; Matter as Waves and Particles)

C3P 2000+ CD-ROM

The C3P CD-ROM is available only through workshop participation and contains both the curriculum and resource materials. A guided tour introduces the user to the navigation system and the various sections found on the CD-ROM.

 CD-ROM features include:

 Resource features include:


Additional information on the Project:

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§ Professional Learning, Pedagogical Basis

§ Summary

§ Information on Workshops to Teach Conceptual Physics

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§ Misconceptions in Teaching Introductory Physics

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